Get The Best Flooring For Your House

If you are undertaking the flooring work in your house, office premises etc. then it is advisable to examine all the options so that you may select the one that suits your requirement. As there are two sides of one coin, in the same manner everything has various pros and cons associated with it. So go for it after reading this detailed article on flooring.

If you are searching for a durable as well as cost effective flooring option, you can opt for engineered bamboo flooring as it is strong, durable and inexpensive. It contains several layers of plywood which are glued, cross layered and are pressed together. This type of flooring provides the advantage of hardwood flooring as well as bamboo flooring.

Pros and cons of engineered timber flooring

As stated above everything has pros and cons associated with it, hence in order to select the best thing for your usage you should evaluate the both. By evaluating both the pros and cons it will become easier for you to make your selection. Thus, below given are the pros and cons of this type of flooring in order to help you.


• Price- the top most benefit of this type of flooring is its cost, they are cost effective as they are comparatively less expensive than traditional Harwood flooring.

• Blocks moisture- Another advantage associated with this type of flooring is that its layer blocks the moisture and as a result they do not swell or wrap on being exposed to the moisture. Hence, they eliminate the cons associated with conventional hardwood flooring. If you are looking for strand woven flooring Melbourne at for more details.

• Durable- this type of flooring is durable and a stable as it is made of various layers and the changes in the moisture level in air hardly affects it. Hence, this type of flooring lasts for a longer period of time.

• Easy installation- one of the reasons behind the rising popularity of this type of flooring is its easy installation. It can be installed in a short time period and requires low maintenance.


• Shape- although it is durable but it distorts in shape with the passage of time. You may also experience dents and grooves in this type of flooring if the flooring experiences high foot traffic.

• Cheap options- if you are going for cheap options that are available in this type of flooring then you must know that it won’t last for a longer period of time and in addition to this it might expose you to some health concerns.