Safe Ways Of Cleaning The House For Asthma Patients

Asthma is the condition where airways narrow and produce lots of mucus making breathing very difficult. Asthma manifests with tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. There are many triggers of asthma. Types of asthma include exercise induced asthma which may be worsened when the air is dry and cold, occupational asthma, triggered by the chemicals, gas or dust particles in the workplace. Allergy induced asthma, initiated by pollen, dust, fur, cockroach waste and etc. Especially with spring the pollen induced asthma is common.Ones with asthma should visit the doctor to get medications to keep the condition at bay. This condition is untreatable but manageable. Along with the medication one should abstain from triggers that stimulates the disease. Sometimes it’s hard to go daily chores with asthma especially cleaning the house with this condition is very difficult, you could hire proper cleaning service Auckland to help you out. Or you could do it yourself by taking the necessary precaution.Before you start cleaning the house make sure there is adequate ventilation, and if you have a fan direct it towards the windows so that the dust can be pushed off outside. And after you have completed cleaning leave the room with the windows open for some time so that air circulates out.It can be troublesome for asthma patients to clean the floor by vacuuming or sweeping because a single mishap can lead to the acting up of asthma so when cleaning the floor its best to wear a mask so that you can screen yourself from being exposed to the dust. And when choosing a vacuum make sure that the machine has a good filter you wouldn’t want the dust that was vacuumed to come out just because of a faulty filter 

Though it might go unnoticed the carpets, glass, cushion, curtain also hold dust, you can clean the glasses with glass cleaners or hire nice commercial glass cleaning to help with the cleaning; Usually the cleaning services come with facility for cleaning the entire house. Vacuum the curtain, carpets and cushion as well. Remove the cushion covers and curtains and wash them frequently so that they don’t hoard dust.Sometimes asthmatic patients tend to act up to the odor of cleaning products. Some of the cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and when you use them to mop the floor or clean, the volatile particles float in the air and trigger asthma therefore when choosing products always go for the mild ones and when cleaning always close your nose and mouth.Treating asthma is difficult in fact there is no treatment to asthma, but if proper care is taken you can go about living your life as any other.